I hope that one day, we’ll see prosperous European economies. Parents will be able to tell their children and grandparents will be able to say to their grandchildren, “I lived through an age of self-inflicted harm. No, I didn’t hurt myself. I didn’t need a doctor’s assistance. I’m talking about my country’s budget during the Age of Austerity. We needed economic assistance.”

During and after the recent financial crisis, many European countries were forced–either by finance ministers of multilateral economic organizations, like the IMF–into austerity. Budgets were slashed, jobs were cut, pensions were cut, investment was halted, and countries like Greece were consistently on the verge of exiting the EU. As a result, some in Europe were not fans of the establishment–big political parties, dominant governments, foreign powers and multinational institutions (World Bank, IMF, et cetera).

There was a protest against indignation in Salamanca, Spain on May 29, 2011. Here are my favorite photos from this rally in the city’s Plaza Mayor.